Our Educational Organization


Our educational organization is based upon a shared-leadership vision of institutional development through the integration of knowledge and expertise at different levels of responsibility. Our organizational structure promotes synergetic team work for the best education of children and teenagers through:

  • A Board of Directors at the top-management level for delivering institutional policies and broad aims as well as overseeing their realization in our educational project.
  • A shared-leadership governance team for our School called the Heads Council comprised of a Head Principal, Carmen García Calderón Barreda, in charge of the Institutional Educational Project to ensure Prescott's identity and foundational principles in our projects, as well as officially represent the School before administrative authorities; and four Heads of Schools in charge of the Preschool, Elementary School, Middle School and High School Projects.
Head of Preschool
Arlette Rondón Carreón
Head of Elementary School
Ana Irene Talavera Roberts
Head of Middle School
Patricia Medina Ormaeche
Head of High School
Angel Rodríguez Cruz


  • A Pedagogical Team for each grade, leaded by a Class Tutor and assisted by Academic Advisors and Educational Psychologists, for the education of our students and the coordination with parents in regards with role as their children's first educators.