Prescott Educational Association (AEP)

Prescott Educational Association is a non-profit association which promotes educational projects, programmes, and activities based in the southern region of Peru as well as collaborates in pro-educational initiatives within the global community.

Prescott School in Arequipa was the first educational project promoted by Prescott Educational Association and, the association remains committed to improving the professional level of its teachers, especially in bilingual education. Using its unique institutional knowledge and expertise, Prescott Educational Association promotes the Prescott Intercultural Bilingualism Program (ICB) to offer all teachers of English in southern Peru the opportunity to attend a high-quality professional-development event, the Prescott ELT Annual Conference, complemented by a monthly digital publication of an ELT Newsletter and frequent Open Seminars. AEP has also developed a two-year Tutoring Training Program (PFT) which has been delivered to Prescott School teachers since 2009 as a fundamental part of its Teacher Development Plan, and the association intends to share this program with other educational institutions as a collaborative initiative.

Prescott Educational Association's commitment is also manifest in its cooperation with other institutions dedicated to promoting education for the 21st Century through the world.


AEP Board of Directors


Luis Pablo Carpio Sardón
Vice Presidente
Juan Manuel García Calderón Barreda
María Pía Palacios McBride
Pro Secretaria
Diana Yriberry Salguero
Alonso Gustavo Talavera Roberts
Pro Tesorero
Jaime Alfredo Morán Cateriano
Derek Michell López de Romaña
José Carlos Hernani Oviedo
Ricardo Alfredo Ramírez del Villar Llosa

Consejo Consultivo y de Vigilancia


Rosemary Latham de Barreda
Vice Presidente
Ana López de Romaña de Michell
Rosario Eguiluz de Prime