Our Principles and Aims



Personalized Humanistic Education
The Educational Project is guided by transcendence of the human person and develops according to the essential nature and uniqueness of each student through the permanent support that consistently responds to his/her needs, possibilities and own purposes.

Educational collaboration with the family
Parents are considered the first and main educators of their children and the family is the core unit for raising and personal development. The Educational Project is a subsidiary and collaborative proposal for the family education project and it works along the parents in their educational role with their children within the school learning context.

Freedom of religious belief
The Educational Project, pursuant to the anthropological vision that it has, is inspired by the principles and values of the Christian vision of human life and respecting, in all aspects, freedom of religious belief in every member of the Educational Community.

The educational model proposed by the Education Project is primarily co-educational, with the aim of developing the social dimension of the individual and promoting the complementarity of masculine and feminine, based on mutual knowledge and respect.

Personal, adequate and sufficient spaces are also provided, so as to meet the different needs and characteristics of each genre throughout their personal development.

Bilingual Education
We educate for the exchange and integration of cultural diversity on the basis of identity through bilingual education in English as a lingua franca for the global world, with special emphasis on the use of new technologies of communication and information.

Education for personal competence
Prescott Education Project aims to enable a highly-educated humanist, scientific, technological and cultural education. All of this through personal development of skills and attitudes needed to meet the requirements of the global world in personal development to become autonomous, collaborative, to have positive leadership, an initiative for solidarity and social responsibility.

Education for sustainable environmental development and life preservation
We educate the individual and group responsibility to preserve the natural environment, biodiversity, economy,  eco-social development and the efficient use and reuse of resources.



Student's Life Project Accomplishment
To guide and prepare students to determine their own personal life project and to carry it out on the basis of their identity, freedom, responsibility and solidarity with the natural and social environment.

Student Development as a whole
To promote the integral education of students in their physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual and social growth through the development of their skills, abilities and possibilities.

Family Active Participation in the School Educational Project
Involve parents and family in the education of their children as students to achieve a coherent educational action, including family values and principles of the Prescott Educational Project.

Self Affirmation of Identity and Responsibility in National and Global Social Development
Influence in the affirmation a Peruvian cultural identity promoting awareness as the basis of commitment to national development and integration into the global context.

Development of a Consciousness Responsibility to Life
Promote permanent defense of life in all its manifestations and the conservation of spaces and elements that preserve it.